Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dedicated Teutons

I've posted these two images before on JRC-1138, but that was as a part of the Takshendal game. I'm posting them here to get my ball rolling with regards to the actual wargaming part of the campaign. The shields need to be updated but apart from that they are ready for battle. I've ordered eight more crossbowmen, four swordsmen and fifteen cavalry, all in the same padded leather and kettle helmets. These will represent the heavier elements. I already have the three ritterbruder and their various support elements, and once the current order has been recieved and painted, and adding the twenty brown skirmishers I already have, this will bring the total Teutonic force to sixty nine figures, not including civilians, artillery or baggage. Enough to accomidate as many as four players (Horsemen/Spears/Skirmishers/Bowmen) in an eight player game.
I'll post more pictures when I get a new digital camera.

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