Sunday, July 17, 2011

Part Seven; The Merry Widow

December 18th. 1409.

Having sheltered all night from the driving snow and freezing cold, Heinrich von Lüneberg and his men find themselves caught between the snow drifts and the pursuing forces of the Lithuanian knight, Vaclav of Stentzin. To make matters worse for the Germans, Vaclav has managed to recruit several local Prussians to his cause, including an outlawed German knight; the fearsome Jörgen Krag of Dachswald. Krag is regarded as a traitor by the Ordenstaat for having cooperated with the Lithuanians and there is a handsome bounty on his head.

In the early morning light, the Teuton’s note the arrival of their enemy and prepare their defence of the inn compound. Barricades are hastily thrown up at vulnerable points and the crossbowmen find advantagious positions.



Heinrich von Lüneberg and Justus Kekulé von Nathusius begin within the inn compound, each with his own retinue to command. There are several civilians in the inn, and although they merely classed as crew, these can be used as seen fit. Each player on the Teutonic side has three civilians.

Vaclav of Stentzin and his allies begin outside the inn. Each player may decide for himself where abouts he starts, but no element may be placed closer than 12 inches to the inn compound.



All terrain outside the inn is difficult (or impassable as marked) except the road which is rough. All terrain inside the inn compound is rough.


Victory conditions

Either side wins by defeating two thirds of the opposing force or both enemy commanders. Players one and two win by default if they still hold the inn at the end of the game and no victory conditions have been met, but if players three and four have entered the inn then they win by default if no victory conditions have been met.


Special rules

The inn is not a fortification, therefore it cannot give +3 in cover regardless of terrain. The maximum defence bonus is +2.

The snow drifts are too soft to allow elements to use them to climb over the walls.

Visibility is good and there are no penalties for weather.

Breaking down the doors requires a roll against 5, or against 6 if the door is being held.

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